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Posted by Bruce Kamm on November 18 2009 07:43 AM

You can use various HTML tags on most of the content pages to create different effects, such as bold, italics, etc. You can also use HTML tags to create links to other pages in vBarter or other sites, as well as tags to send email and more. Following are examples f useful HTML tags.


<p>...</p>    Creates a new paragraph
<p align=?>    Aligns a paragraph to the left, right, or center
<br>    Inserts a line break
</blockquote>    Indents text from both sides


<dl>...</dl>    Creates a definition list
<dt>    Precedes each definition term
<dd>    Precedes each definition
<ol>...</ol>    Creates a numbered list
<li>...</li>    Precedes each list item, and adds a number
<ul>...</ul>    Creates a bulleted list


<pre>...</pre>    Creates preformatted text
<hl>...</hl> to <h6>...</h6>    Creates headings
<b>...</b>    Creates bold text
<i>...</i>    Creates italic text
<tt>...</tt>    Creates teletype, or typewriter-style text
<cite>...</cite>    Creates a citation, usually italic
<em>...</em>    Emphasizes a word (with italic or bold)
<strong>...</strong>    Emphasizes a word (with italic or bold)
<sub>...</sub>    Subscript - text is lower than baseline
<sup>...</sup>    Superscript - text is higher than basline


<font>...</font>    Changes font attributes for text within the tags
<font size="value">...</font>    Sets the font to a size from 1 to 7, with 1 the smallest and 7 the largest
<font face="name">...</font>    Sets the font face
<font color="color">...</font>    Sets the font color using hexadecimal code
n.b: It'd best to not use the <font> tag and to determine these attributes in a style sheet


<img>    Embeds an image in the document at the location of the tag
<img src="url" alt="text">    Adds an image with a text description
<img src="url" alt="text" align="direction">    Aligns an image to the left, right, center, bottom, or top
<img src="url" alt="text" border="number">    Sets the size of the border around an image
<img src="url" alt="text" height="pixels">    Sets the height of an image
<img src="url" alt="text" width="pixels">    Sets the width of an image
<img src="url" alt="text" hspace="pixels">    Sets a horizontal margin to be placed around an image
<img src="url" alt="text" vspace="pixels">    Sets a vertical margin to be placed around an image
<img src="url" alt="text" usemap="map-name">    Designates an image as a client-side image map


<a>...</a>    Designates the origin and destination of a hyperlink
<a href="url">...</a>    Creates a hyperlink
<a href="#name">...</a>    Links to a target location in the current page
<a href="URL#name">...</a>    Links to a target location in a page outside the current page
<a name="name">...</a>    Sets a target location within a document
<a href="">...</a>    Creates a mailto link

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